Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao has a gentle power that helps connect our hearts and minds – allowing us to see our inner strength and beauty.

Cacao has long been revered for its health benefits and ability to open and heal the heart center. She has recently come back to the forefront of heart healing work with the goal of helping us heal our hearts & spiritual connections with our higher selves.

Cacao has a mild euphoric effect, but does not take you on a “trip” (like other entheogens) – instead, she facilitates your own deeper journey. People have reported a wide range of experiences from a light, happy, buzzy feeling, to tears of joy, to life changing meditative experiences.

My work with Cacao comes from the personal relationship I have developed with the spirit of this plant over the last several years.

I was first introduced to Sister Cacao as a plant medicine in 2016. From the first sip of my ceremonial dose, I knew she had wisdom I was needing. Through our work together, she has helped me discover and heal parts of myself that had previously been hidden from my consciousness. Every time I partner with Cacao – in my morning ritual or for ceremony – I am in awe of her gentle wisdom. She has a way of connecting the heart and mind with so much love, I am often moved to tears.

From the beginning, Cacao made it clear that our work together was meant to be shared. We are here to help others navigate and heal on their spiritual journeys. I began sharing Cacao publicly in 2018 and I haven’t turned back. These days, I am mostly doing private ceremonies for those who have heard the call and are curious to learn more about themselves and this wonderful Plant Medicine. Occasionally, Cacao is incorporated into my workshops, when I feel her messages will enhance the work being done.

My Ceremony Style

My Cacao ceremonies are high integrity and based on the personal relationship I have established with Cacao over the many years we have been working together. I do not adhere to any practices that are outside of my ancestral background.

Ceremony style and content vary slightly based upon the needs of my clients & how Sister Cacao wishes to be honored and expressed. In addition to the ceremonial dose of Cacao, my ceremonies will typically have a combination of meditation and/or journey, breath-work, body movement, journaling and time for sharing and celebration.

My goal for all Cacao Ceremonies is for people to experience what it is like to partner with this plant in an intentional and medicinal way. No two experiences are alike from person to person or personally, from one experience to the next. She always has fresh insights & wisdom to share!

If you have questions about Cacao or would like to book your own private ceremony, please fill out the contact form and I will get back to you shortly!

***Cacao Ceremonies are available for private personal sessions (one-on-one), couples and small groups. You can also combine one with your Reiki/Sound Healing session or Soul Connect session!***

~If you are a healing facilitator and are interested in partnering to add Cacao to one of your offerings, please contact me!~

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