Tuning Forks & Sound Healing

EVERYTHING in the Universe has a vibration – from a single grain of sand to the kitchen sink, the remote control, your coffee cup (the coffee in it), the rock you kicked in the driveway last week and the electronic device you are currently on. Literally, EVERYTHING has a vibration.

Along with everything having a vibration, living entities have an OPTIMAL VIBRATION. The human body has specific vibrational ranges that are optimal for health and healing. Our auras (energy transmitted from our bodies), organs and chakras have their own specific vibrational frequencies which can be brought back into balance with the help of sound healing (tuning forks, drums, rattles, etc.) & Reiki (also vibration!).

When trauma (physical, spiritual, mental) or illness occurs, the vibration of our body, energy systems and organs will change – sometimes the vibration is lower (slower) and sometimes the vibrational patterns change in a way that creates dissonance, the opposite of resonance.

The dissonance that can occur from trauma and illness sometimes gets stuck in our physical bodies or/and our energy fields (aura, biofield, etc.). If the energetic areas that are “stuck” do not resolve themselves, we no longer have access to utilize that energy – we are unable to live and love wholly. Tuning forks & Reiki are available to help bring our beings back to wholeness.

Tuning forks help bring RESONANCE to the DISSONANCE within our physical and energetic bodies.

The vibration of a struck tuning fork has the ability to “tune” the energy around it, giving “stuck energy” positive feedback for REMEMBERING how to be in resonance with the rest of your energy. When dissonant areas become resonant, your energies are working together – you are able to live, love and function from a place of greater alignment and wholeness.

I have worked to combine my knowledge of tuning Forks and practice of Reiki to create a one of a kind offering in my Reiki & Sound Healing Sessions. These sessions are relaxing and potent. I use tuning forks in the energy field and on the body to help transform past trauma dissonance into current day resonance (a.k.a. wholeness).

Podcast Episode on Tuning Forks

I was honored to be a guest on the podcast Energy Healing with Heidi Lane. On this episode, we talked about tuning forks, how they can help people heal and how I work with them within my healing practice. If you are interested in listening, you can find the episode here, or wherever you like to listen to podcasts (search for Energy Healing episode 16).

If you have any questions about how Reiki & Sound Healing may fit into your healing journey, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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