Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki energy healing is delivered through the practitioner (me) who, acting as a conduit, flows healing Reiki energy through themselves into the person receiving the treatment (you). The energy of Reiki is channeled from the Universe. Reiki is gentle and loving – it “meets people where they are”, helping to create conditions within the body and soul that allow for deep healing to occur.

Reiki came to me as a calling. I had heard about it in various ways for over a decade and then one day I saw information about a local training & my soul said: “you are meant to do this work”. I booked a Reiki session with the woman who was holding the training – just to be sure. My session with her sealed the deal! I signed up to become a Reiki practitioner and haven’t looked back!

I have been attuned to Reiki energy since 2016. I began working with myself, my family and even my dog. My practice has evolved over the years to include crystal therapy, sound healing, intuitive guidance and messages from spirit guides.

One night as I was giving Reiki to my then 2yr old, I asked her what Reiki felt like. She thought for a moment and said “love”. This is the essence of Reiki – profound, unconditional love from the Universe to you.


We start each session with a conversation about where you are and what you are looking to achieve. To receive treatment, you will lay on the table, fully clothed and relaxed as possible. I start each session tuning into the energy of your physical and energetic bodies. I use my hands and tuning forks to sense areas of congestion. After I have identified the areas that are asking to be worked with, I begin running Reiki energy through myself into you through my hands. Reiki is given via light touch or with the hands above the body.

In addition to Reiki and tuning forks, I also use rattling and drumming when it is intuitively called for. Rattles and drums help to break up congested energy, allowing me to access areas in need of healing more quickly. They also have a calming effect on the nervous system, permitting deeper relaxation.

Crystals are used to ground and expand the energy of my clients. I use them under the treatment table for nearly every session and are occasionally will place them on different areas of the body to open channels of communication between a persons physical and energetic bodies.

Each treatment is unique and intuitively crafted to meet the needs that are present at the time of the session. After the session has ended we will spend a few minutes talking about your experience & any intuitive information I may have picked up. Light homework is typically given to help integrate and strengthen your healing experience.


Reiki feels different to everyone. People report feeling tingling, buzzing, warm and cold sensations, heightened awareness of certain body parts or organs, pressure or lightness in or around their bodies. There are also people who report feeling nothing but relaxed during a session and still notice changes in their bodies and lives.

After a session, you may feel energized, lighter & brighter or you may feel relaxed and a little sleepy. When energy blocks and stagnation are removed, it is typical for people to feel a little lower in energy while the body adjusts to its new normal. I recommend that my clients give themselves time to take it easy after a session. Allowing the body and mind time to adjust and reflect leads to better outcomes & longer lasting benefits.

After two distance Reiki & Tuning sessions, a client from New York recently reported “I haven’t felt this relaxed, and free, and feeling very optimistic about the future in a few months!”

In-person Reiki sessions are available at my home office. I am also available to travel to your location (within 10miles of my location in Bothell, Wa.) At this time, my schedule is limited to weekday morning hours and occasional weekends. Alternately, you may elect to receive distance Reiki as it does not have to be performed in-person to receive all the benefits. In these cases, we will set up a specific time that fits into both of our schedules.

For more in depth information on Reiki, contact me or check out and visit their FAQ page.