Mother’s Blessings

“The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we are weak and sing with us when we are strong.”
                                 – Sark

A Mother’s Blessing* is a celebration of a mother’s pregnancy. This ceremony is attended by the mother’s community of women (friends and family) where pregnancy, motherhood and sisterhood are honored and celebrated.

Each Mother’s Blessing is unique and designed in collaboration with the expectant mother, myself and a close friend of the mother. This ceremony is interactive; attendees are typically asked to bring food to nourish each other, along with written words and small gifts to uplift and adorn the mother to be.

This is not a baby shower. This is a sacred ceremony designed to tap into collective feminine energy and honor the sacred rite of passage that is growing, birthing and parenting a precious human child. A Mother’s Blessing is a great way to honor yourself or another expectant mother in your life. This ceremony is often done in lieu of a baby shower for experienced mothers or in addition to a baby shower for first time mothers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information on this ceremony and how it could be designed to honor the expectant mother in your life (or yourself).

An altar at a Mother’s Blessing set up to call in the directions and honor our ancestors – the mother’s who have come before us. 
The start of a salt bowl. Each attendee brings an item to add to the salt bowl. The result is a lovely smelling and powerfully uplifting salt that can be used as a bath salt, protection salt or just a reminder of the Mother’s Blessing experience. Each attendee takes some home with them!
Salt Bowl after everything has been added!
Beginning altar for which gifts and treasures are left for the expectant mother.

*You may also hear a Mother’s Blessing referred to as a Blessingway. A Blessingway is a specific ceremony from the Navajo tradition. Since I am not of indigenous decent, I have no business using that terminology or any of their practices.