Soul Tending Sessions

Grab a warm beverage and pull up a chair, Soul Tending Sessions are all about YOU – Body, Mind & Soul!

How are you? What do you need right now? When was the last time you authentically checked with yourself about your needs and desires???

So much can be revealed through relaxing conversation and soulful connections. These sessions are designed to uncover impediments to your healing, navigate through grief & help you tune in to your energetic needs. Let’s chat about where you’re at and make a plan to work towards your Soulfully Authentic Life.

Soul Tending Sessions can be done online or in person, at my place or even in the woods! They are tailored to meet your needs and will be different every time. Some examples of the kind of work that is done in these sessions include: somatic feedback, energy clearing, goal setting, guided meditations, grounding techniques, creating soulful rituals, or simply talking – because sometimes we just need to be seen and heard.

Talking reveals that which is ready to be healed.

So come sit with me and let’s chat over a pot of tea, coffee or a walk in the woods. Unload what is weighing you down and allow me to listen to your stories and help you move forward along your path.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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