Ceremony is a way to connect to ourselves and our community. This way of BEing has been pushed aside and all but forgotten in the modern, western world. I am on a sacred mission to reconnect people with their hearts & souls through ceremonial practices that nourish and expand our energies.


Heart Healing Ceremonies

Sister Cacao is a gentle plant medicine who connects our hearts, minds & souls to reveal where we are ready to heal.

Private ceremonies available for 1-6 people.

For larger groups, to collaborate with your retreat or event, email me Ceremony@soulfulllyauthentic.com

Find out more by visiting the Cacao Ceremonies page

Mother’s Blessings

Celebrating the rite of passage for becoming a mother or extending your motherhood (2nd, 3rd, 4th child, etc.)

A Mother’s Blessing celebrates the the birthing parent (not the baby). It is a ceremony hosted and attended by the pregnant person’s community celebrating their rite of passage and blessing them with knowledge, support and gifts.

For more detailed information please visit the Mother’s Blessings page

Custom Ceremonies

Honoring Life, Death & Transitions

Ceremonies are a great way of HONORING transitions in this earthly life. Sometimes we need more than final paperwork or a party – we need to be seen, heard and supported. Whether it is coming of age, loss of a pet, marriage/hand-fasting/vow renewal, divorce, surgery or a birthday, I will work with you to honor the occasion in a way that feels sacred, authentic and fulfilling to you!

For more information, email me: Ceremony@soulfullyauthentic.com

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