A little about me…

Hi there! My name is EarthSong.

I am an Intuitive Healing Facilitator specializing in multidimensional energy healing, tuning fork sound therapy, ceremony, unconditional love, and heart-centered living. I am an agent of change, here to help you with your soul’s evolution & growth.

I LOVE HUGS – but not quick hugs. I love the long, strong, healing kind of hugs. The type of hugs that heal your soul.

I am passionate about helping people understand their energy and how it affects their body, mind, and soul. I thrive on helping people help themselves.

In 2015, I began gathering with women in sacred circle, and it CHANGED MY LIFE. Tapping into the power of the divine feminine within myself and fellow women unlocked a yearning to connect with humanity and the natural world on a deeper level.

In 2017 I co-created Sacred Sisters Clan – a monthly gathering for women to share, reflect, manifest, and raise energy together – our circle evolved and continued for many years and found its end in 2021. My enthusiasm for gathering women with sacred intention has guided the creation of my Cacao Ceremonies and Mother’s Blessings, as well as more casual women’s gatherings, and retreats.

Shifting my life to live attuned to my ENERGY, intuition, earth’s energies, and the stars opened up possibilities I had never before imagined. Living a more authentic and in-tune life guided me to create Soulfully Authentic.

I am passionate about helping women, especially mothers, heal their energy and uncover what living a “Soulfully Authentic” life looks and feels like for them. While my focus is predominantly working with women and mothers, I enjoy working with ALL BEINGS (animals included), and my office is a SAFE SPACE for all.

I have been helping people transform their bodies and minds since 2007, first as a personal trainer and corporate wellness coach and now as a multidimensional energy guide.

For more information on specific offerings, please browse the pages of this site.

EarthSong lives north of Seattle with her husband, daughter, and dog, an American Pit Bull Terrier named Cora. She enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking the local trails, playing board games, drinking coffee, having non-linear discussions about the nature of the Universe, meditating, and reading.

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